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Zark's Attack!

There was no way I was going to let this semestral break pass without visiting Zark's. I've been prodding my uncles to have a burger fest with me but we were all too busy and our schedules were never in sync. I guess you could say this dining experience took months to prepare for and it was well-worth it. 

Back when I was still studying in De La Salle University Manila, I would frequent this burger joint feeling hungry and leaving happy. I didn't care if I smelled like a greasy patty, although I'm pretty sure my seatmates in class did. Nevertheless, I always left Zark's feeling satisfied and eager to back and ready to try a different burger on their menu.

Armed with over 20 variants to choose from, it's no surprise students flow in like an army of ants throughout the day. If you're a student from DLSU-Taft, you're bound to try a burger or two at Zark's. Unless of course you're extremely health-conscious and eat mostly carrot and celery sticks. The great thing about this burger joint is that they offer the most drool-worthy and unimaginable burger flavors out there and are budget friendly. There's no need to worry about burning a hole through your wallet if you plan on eating here. Imagine eating a burger quadrupole of the usual burger served at restaurants. Throw in some thick-cut fries on the side and a glass of iced tea and you've got yourself the ultimate burger experience! Of course, let's not forget the ongoing eating contests at Zark's. Two of their burgers, namely Jawbreaker (P250) and the Tombstone (P500), are on the menu not just as another meal option, but also as a way to prove that you are worth having your face plastered on their Wall of Fame. It's such an excellent way to reel in students and gives people are completely different eating experience with friends and family. I've always wanted to give it a shot and I just might go for it one of these days.  Any takers? 

A lot has changed since my last visit to Zark's more than 2 years ago - more choices on the menu such as the Luther Burger, which is a double bacon cheeseburger on a honey glazed Krispy Kreme donut (perfect for those who enjoy the sweet and salty combination) and the Deep Fried Bacon-Wrapped Burger (I'm pretty sure the name speaks for itself). The interior improved as well. What used to be a small, minimally lit 4 table-wide eating place is now brighter and able to hold more than 30 people. 

Nachos Galore (P85)

Torilla chips topped with cheese sauce, lemon garlic, bacon and tomato salsa on the side.

The first thing I reached out for was not the nachos generously smothered with cheese, but a strip of bacon that was staring at me in such a provocative manner. This appetizer is good for 4 people or sometimes 1 famished lad/lass.  Zark's takes their bacon seriously so expect to see a lot of it in several of their burger selections.

My Uncle Bing and his Homerun Burger (P125)

Cheeseburger with caramelized onions. My uncle downed his burger in about 5 minutes or so. He is the ultimate competitor when it comes to eating contests. Believe me, folks. So on our next visit, I'm going to make sure he signs up for the Jawbreaker or Tombstone challenge! 

Pau massacring her Deep Fried Burger

My cousin Pau has the appetite of a grown man. I was surprised when she finished only half of her burger. I saw her trying to catch her breath as she dipped her last bite of the burger into the barbeque sauce. You can only imagine how laborious it was to finish. 
Candy Bacon Burger (P170)

Apart from the Luther Burger, this is another selection on the menu that fuses sweet and salty.  There's no way you can go wrong with bacon. Ever. 

Just look at those strips of bacon glisten with its caramel coating. Mmm. 

Deep Fried Burger (P185)

I ordered for the Floyd Chicken Burger (P135) at first but it wasn't available. So, I ordered the next best thing - the Deep Fried Burger. Printed below this item on the menu, it read: "This should be on your top-10-foods-to-eat-before-you-die-list" and it was deep fried, including the bread. I don't think it could get more inviting than that. They have a 1/4 pound version of this but I ordered the 1/2 pound burger - that's two thick patties with cheese, mushrooms sandwiched between two deliciously deep fried buns. The edges of the bread were crispy, slightly sweet and I could almost taste the oil in the browned portions of the buns. I wish I had more of the bread to chow down.

Take a peek inside this double cheeseburger. These days, you can fry anything. From chocolate bars to cookies and now burger buns too. This world is becoming a scarier place to live in. *insert nervous laughter here*

Yours truly and my new favorite burger

I think the brief description on the menu that came after the name of this burger served as a fair warning - it is not meant to be eaten often. I wanted more of the bread and more of the cheese-slathered patty. I think I'll save my next Deep Fried Burger order for when I turn 50. 
My plate after
Yeaup, I wolfed the whole burger and most of my fries. Still think I'm not qualified for the Tombstone challenge? 

Zark's Burgers
2nd Floor
Archer's Nook Building,
Taft Avenue (above Yellow Cab)
09237372517 / 392-12-11
Facebook Page

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3 Responses to “Zark's Attack!”

  1. OMG! I'm definitely going to visit Zarks! yum!

  2. I'm not surprised Pau was not able to finish her burger! That's a huge serving! haha! I might go for Bing's order though, just right size for me. But when I'm hungry, I can wolf down a big burger too! teehee!

    We will have to try Zarks.

  3. You should try it, Auntie Sandy! They have a branch in Taft and in B.F. :D