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Belle Jewelry Collection by Zuri Wearable Art

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        BELLE Jewelry Collection is a creation of tasteful and sophisticated wearable art by Zuri Fashion Accessories, the brainchild of designer Hershey Chan, which opened in 2006. Her line of jewelries aims to provide statement pieces for the modern fashionable woman and are available locally, in Singapore, Dubai and Indonesia. Just this year, Zuri won the title for the Outstanding Luxury Jewelry & Fashion Accessories Brand for the year, has been the official crown and jewelry sponsor for many beauty pageants such as Miss Singapore International 2009, Miss World Philippines 2011 and Miss Philippine Tourism 2011. With all those noteworthy credentials Zuri Wearable Art carries, I am so honored to be able to feature pieces from the Belle Classic Collection

            It took me a while to make a blog entry about these striking accessories because I knew that rushing it would yield unappealing results and I wanted to make sure I took my time preparing which outfit would suit it best and which location would be perfect to have a shoot. So, when I took a two-day vacation in Vigan, I decided that it would be a great place to have a shoot wearing these timeless pieces! All of the shots posted here were taken at Hotel Salcedo de Vigan

          The term "wearable art" is enough to attract the attention of jewelry aficionados or any woman who loves to dress up, really. When I wear accessories, I don't only take into consideration how it looks, but also how it makes me feel. Belle Wearable Art captures the true essence of the modern Filipina woman and allows her to exude confidence whilst being bold, independent, passionate and stylish.

          One other remarkable quality of the Belle Jewelry Collection is its ability to transform any attire into a trendsetting ensemble. You can wear layers of clothing and finish it off with any of the statement pieces from either the Belle Classic or Belle Couture sans the outfit clutter.

  Yellow Crystal with Dangling Pendant Necklace and the
Belle Classic Triple Strand Yellow Crystal Bracelet, both from the Belle Classic Collection. 

The message that Belle Jewelry would like to relay to its clients is this, "Power dressing is enhanced by Belle Classic. It’s an embellishment to success as it showcases individuality and advancement. Whether you belong to the group of executives, managers, or supervisors, these are the accessories that fit you. These are your best companions that can bring you all day from a sunny morning conference to a late event at night. Your busy schedule will not hinder fashion in your sense because Belle Classic is made especially for a woman who works within flexibility and functionality." 

Plaid sweater from Forever 21

Zuri, which translates to "beautiful" in Swahili, was inspired by innovativeness and originality of Hershey Tan. Her interest for jewelries and clothes began at the ripe age of 9 and has since then picked up the skill of creating such fine statement pieces. According to her, "My innovation in calling my works ‘Functional Art Pieces’ asserts the idea that wearing our jewellery is as magical as wearing an art like paintings & sculpture. Our pieces are not only accessories but actually works of art that fall under the category of Wearable art."

Belle Jewelry Collection not only caters to the women who work, but also young ladies who are empowered and freethinking. Each piece works towards bringing out your inner goddess, whether you are at a friend's party, a school event, or heading out for a romantic dinner. 

Lace dress from NAFNAF

Black suede booties from Zara

       With its simple and well-crafted design, these wearable art pieces are both easy on the eyes and engaging. It's no surprise most of her clients are socialites and have been featured in a fashion show in Singapore and was dubbed as "The Fashion Driven Venture" by Philippine Star Newspaper. 

          I'll be featuring a gorgeous in vogue necklace from the Belle Couture Collection in my next few posts so be sure to watch out for that! 

You may purchase the jewelry of your choice by either dropping by these shops:  

Greenbelt 5, Makati CIty, Philippines

The Ramp, EDSA Shangri-La Mall, Philippines

  • Greenbelt 3, Makati
  • Glorietta 4, Makati
  • SM Mega Mall EDSA
  • Alabang Town Centre
  • Trinoma Malls, North Avenue
  • Robinsons Galleria

  • Greenbelt3, Greenbelt Makati
  • 2nd Floor, Power Plant Mall

Or you could also browse by means of their online catalog and order through either the Belle Jewelry Website or the Zuri Wearable Art Website

Do check out their Facebook page and Hershey Chan's official website as well! 

Blog Giveaway: Wooden Spoons & Muffin Tops x Fievre


Fievre, which translates to "fever" in English, is an online retail and wholesale shop that sells imported women's clothing. Given that the clothes are purchased abroad, you'll be surprised to find out that all the clothes are low-priced. You don't need to spend a lot to look fashionable!

One lucky reader will get the chance to win the orange tube peplum dress and the necklace. 

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The giveaway starts on December 18, 2012 and ends on December 31, 2012 at exactly 11pm. Giveaway is open to Philippine residents only.

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I check all the entries so please follow all the steps for me to consider your entries valid. :)

Oh and photo credit goes to my cousin Pauline Solano for making the beautiful poster! Thanks, Pau :) 

Bienvenido a Guernica's Tapas Bar & Restaurant!


         I mentioned in my previous (outfit) post that I had dinner at Guernica's for my friend's birthday celebration and now I made a separate entry to talk about the food I had that evening. The Spanish restaurant has been operating for more than 5 decades now, way before I even existed as an embryo. Deemed to have the best paella in town, Guernica's Tapas Bar and Restaurant, has already established a name in the food business. It was my first time to hear about this restaurant so I did a little digging and found a brief background about how it came to be - the name Guernica's is actually the hometown of Senor Hemachea, founder of one of the first Spanish restaurants in the Philippines. It was then turned over to antique collector, Mr. Romeo Bauzon, who proceeded to make the business triumphant in serving delicious Spanish cuisine. The branch I dined in is located in Santana Grove along Sucat Road and sits comfortably in a crowd of other restaurants and shops. 

             It's been a while since I've seen my friends from high school. Well, the last time we saw each other was a couple months back but we make it a point to get together every so often just to catch-up. Our favorite  scheme when it comes to gatherings always involves food. So I guess it's safe to say that everyone in our circle loves to eat. I mean, each of us would probably always be eating for 2 or 3 people. We are growing (?) kids after all. Anyway, enough of the jibber-jabber. Let's shift to more about the dinner, yes? 

         This is Zabeth or "Zaboga" as I like to tease her sometimes. We've been good friends since 4th year high school and I recall going to her house during her birthday and her mum would cook such palatable paella. This time though, both Zabeth and her dad celebrated their birthdays together (actually, it was more of a pre-celebration for her but conjoined celebrations are better than one!). Her dad is of Spanish descent and both her parents frequent Guernica's, which explains why they picked this venue to throw a party. 

             I could tell that this place was a family restaurant, where people gather to eat good food, listen to music and enjoy each other's company. They've got awesome service too. One of the main things that I look for in a good restaurant is how the staff interacts with their customers - not only were they pleasant and courteous, but they also projected a sense of ardency. Whilst eating, we were also serenaded by the restaurant's singers and even though most were focused on the food and the guests, I find it so admirable when people put their heart into entertaining a hungry crowd (literally). :) 

         I love buffet spreads! That's exactly why I was excited to fill my plate when I saw the different food lined-up on the buffet table. The entree I went for was their fried chicken coated with herbs with thin-cut fries on the side. The chicken was juicy and tender (no, this isn't my attempt to copy Jollibee's commercials) and the french fries added a nice touch to the meat. It was a combination of two of my favorite things - chicken and fries. So, going back for a second round was really not a question anymore.
Bread basket      

Two words that spike my appetite? Garlic bread. Well, that and "unlimited food". There's just something about biting into the soft center of the bread and tasting all the flavors of the melted butter, garlic and herbs, accompanied by the crunch of its edges. I would have gotten a basket for myself so I could munch on them without minding anyone else around me, but you know, I can be bashful too.
Callos a la Madrilena

Ox tripes sauteed with Chorizo, Ham, Bacon and Garbanzos in a fresh tomato sauce.
Mixed Vegetables

           I tried looking for the name of this pasta on their online menu but couldn't find it.   :( BUT what I CAN tell you is what it tastes like. That's good enough for now...right? It's a fettuccini pasta cooked with a tomato base and topped with grilled chicken, olives and cheese. I liked how the tomato sauce wasn't sour nor was there too much of it. This is pretty much a meal on its own, what with the chicken, pasta and itsy-bisty vegetable bits.
Fruit Platter
        I wasn't able to take photos of the lechon since the chafer was empty. *sniff* But after my second plate and more then 3 garlic breads, there it was...a refilled dish. I was already too full to have my fix. Drats.

       After reading further about Guernica's on their main website and eating their food buffet-style, I can't help but look forward to try their paella! It is, after all, what they are known for. I browsed their online menu further and spotted several other dishes that I'd like to try. Perhaps I'll save the next few posts for my visit there! :) 

Guernica's Tapas Bar & Restaurant
Santana Grove, Dr. A. Santos Ave.,
Sucat, Paranque City
Facebook page 
Official website
Contact no.: (02) 720-5710

Christmas Is Coming

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          Stella Margherita Online is the latest online store I have partnered with for my ongoing giveaway and I was so thrilled when I received the dress I picked straight from their October collection on their Facebook page! I've been saving this dress for a special occasion as I haven't really been able to go out due to the hectic schedule of exams at school that went on for weeks before the Christmas break began. So when my good friend Zabeth told me that she'd having a birthday dinner at Guernica's Tapas Bar & Restaurant, I didn't think twice about what to wear! 

The Alexi dress from Stella Margherita both dainty and light. It's perfect for when you're in a rush to put an outfit together when your mind is just a big ball of clouds.

I paired the dress with an elegant neckpiece from Mademoiselle Manila

I adore the Peter Pan collar on this dress! :)

Bag from Michael Kors 

Pleats add flair to the red-orange dress. 

This is my first time reviewing make-up on my blog mostly because I don't wear heavy make-up. I prefer the natural look. Whenever I go out, I just apply lip balm. But when Stella Margherita sent me this NYX lipstick (yes, cosmetics are also on their list of products), I was unusually excited to try it out!  My lips chap easily so it's important that the lipstick I put on not only enriches my lips has a moisturizes it too and this item does both!

I have the Frapuccino shade and it suits me perfectly! There are, however, other shades that you might want to try out and see which one will fit you best. Perhaps you would like to go for a bolder look this holiday season? Check out Stella Margherita Online's cosmetic collection here

Want to win the dress I'm wearing in this outfit post? Join my ongoing giveaway here! Last day of entries is on December 17, 2012. :)