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Polished Flutter

Now that sembreak has officially begun, I decided to whoop it up by blogging about my first ever outfit post! I've had these goodies in my room for quite some time now and am excited to finally reveal the different online fashion stores (and other outfit posts will have store-bought clothes, of course) that make shopping so much more convenient and accessible. 

I have to thank my mum for doing all the work "behind the camera" - from the styling, to putting on my make-up and even taking my photographs. When it comes to putting on make-up, I always leave everything to the hands of my mum or people who are actually capable of treating the human face as a canvas just waiting to make art out of it. Here's the shout-out you've been waiting for, mum: THANK YOU, WONDERWOMAN! 

Digiprint Floral Shorts, Sabrina

"Stef" Peplum top with gold button closure at the back, Sabrina

Peplum seems to making waves lately (no pun intended) and I can see why - it flatters the figure of a woman especially with a cinch at the waist area and the pleated end adds a feminine touch.

Do pay Sabrina a visit online by visiting the following links for a lot more pretty printed, floral blouses, skirts, shorts and pants: 

instagram: teenasabrina

"Audrey" beige pumps, iSawshoez

Pearl necklace from my mum's collection

I've always wanted nude pumps and now that I finally have a pair, I'm going to make sure these babies are constantly showered with a lot of T.L.C.

I have to say, iSAWshoez have such a wide variation of shoes. From pumps to stilettos in all sorts of colors, designs and shades, you're bound to find something that will catch your fancy! You won't find yourself ending up like Cinderella because iSAWshoez will definitely have something that will fit you perfectly.

instagram: isawshoez

More outfit posts to come and a lot more giveaways are coming your way! My giveaway with Serendipity Lane is still ongoing and will end on October 31. If you still haven't joined, visit this link and find out how you can win accessories:

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4 Responses to “Polished Flutter”

  1. Great start! I can't wait to see more!

  2. WOW & congratulations!This is a first- Food & Fashion merged together.More power!

  3. Teena and I were classmates in college. We are both Marketing graduates. :)) Anyway, you wear great outfits, Kristina! :)