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Hullo. I'm a second year medical student at the De La Salle Health & Sciences Institute. I'm not very good at describing myself although I won't be too bashful to mention that I love food..and plenty of it! I like buffets and "rice-all-you-can" places. Desserts and fried food are my weakness and I don't eat vegetables (except of course for squash dishes. THOSE I can tolerate). I'm a pretty unhealthy eater and I think it suits the lifestyle of a future doctor perfectly. Kidding aside, I enjoy dissecting food and pretend that my knife and fork are my scalpel and blade.

You might be wondering why my food blog is aptly named "Wooden Spoons and Muffin Tops". When I was 12, my fascination for baking bloomed. I started baking oatmeal cookies, which became a household favorite and so I thought, "I could definitely do this on the side". Later on, I put up my own home based cookie business and called it "Cookie House", for obvious reasons. I would spend all my free time mixing the batter, spooning equal amounts of it onto the baking sheets and wait until each batch came out of the oven freshly baked. My mum and aunt were always there to help me out. I would even bring tubs of cookies and sell individual cookies to my classmates. But since I was blessed with delicate and tubby hands, I had to put a halt to my cookie selling days. After which I continued to bake other pastries - from ensaymada, rainbow bread, cinnamon buns, banana bread and my all time favorite thing to bake AND eat - apple pie! I considered getting back to the baking business and wanted to call it Wooden Spoon and the name stuck ever since! 

As for Muffin Tops, well, apart from the fact that I absolutely love eating muffin tops, I wanted to celebrate the other meaning behind the phrase which politely describes fat that hangs loosely from your jeans, skirts or shorts. 

The rest, as they say, is history! :)

2 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Love your blog Kristina! You eat a lot. I eat a lot. But why are you not fat :)Life is no fair lol. Cheers !

  2. Great blog Kristina! I love good food and cooking. I have to watch what I eat though. I agree with Clariz, it's not fair! =}