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Cake Fest Birthday Special!

           I know this post is two months late, but I wasn't going to carry on writing about eatables without expressing thanks to my very generous sponsors, Angela Villoria and Cukay Viray of Cinq and Cukay's, respectively, for the wonderful cakes they gifted me with for my birthday. If you've read my previous posts, you'll see that I featured their pastries on my blog here: 

         A couple of days before my celebration, I dropped by Alabang Town Center to visit Cukay's stall at the New Wing. You can imagine the huge smile that was plastered on my face while I was walking around the mall with two big boxes of Cukay's Red Velvet Cake and Banoffee Pie. I felt like Carrie from Sex & the City, gliding down the streets of New York with oversized sunglasses and painfully high heels, except that  my "shopping bags" were filled with food instead of clothes. Before I began blogging, the red velvet craze had already surfaced and as I read more about different home bakers and looked into current food trends (yeaup, fads don't just apply to fashion now), I came across several articles, tweets and comments tagging Cukay's as having the best red velvet cake out on the market. Although I haven't tried everyone's version of the famed colored cake, I will say that it's currently at the top of my list. I recall eating more than 2 slices of this the day after my birthday and every bite was guilt-free to me. 

It's tough to put your own spin on something that's selling like hotcakes and at the same time make it likeable by consumers, but it seems like Cukay worked on perfecting her winning number. It's moist, filling and the thick layer of cream cheese on top and in between is, what I believe to be, faultless. 

When you try it for the first time, you'll think that a single serving is enough..until you finish one slice and find yourself cutting another piece.

Red Velvet Cake (small round), P420

My second destination was Angela's house at Palm Village in Makati. Most of her orders are for pick-up for obvious reasons - her cakes are as delicate as a baby. So, when I held the cake box in my hands and took a peek to see what it looked like, I wasn't sure if I wanted to even take it home cause I wanted it all to myself - it was this incredible round number covered in a glistening glaze. I say the top layer was glistening because it literally was - it's as if fairies sprinkled some of their magic dust onto the cake to make it more bewitching than it already was.

Angela Villoria wows again with her aesthetically pleasing creations. Oh, and did I mention that it tastes good too?  This is what I call an incredible edible. Even though it's been two months since I had a taste of this heavenly cake, I still find its design so overwhelming and captivating. It's like it was made to mesmerize and not be eaten. Adorned with a lavish berry selection on top and  surrounding the bottom, the fruits spell out a festive mood and quickly catches my attention while my eyes study the cake with such awe. All three berries sit on diplomat cream, which is a mixture of pastry cream and whipped cream. It has a custardy texture to it but is little lighter than the former. The white chocolate shaped like wings on the side lead me to believe that angels sent me this. Feast your eyes on more photos of the cake before I continue further, yes?

Alright, that right there was a classier version of food porn. Now, let's get back to the food talk. Notice how even the blueberries look like small constellation balls? I don't know Angela does it, but I do know her dessert boutique Cinq is on its way to making a long-lasting impression on the minds and tummies of people. Clearly, her cakes have made their mark. This one in particular doesn't have a name yet, and I jokingly told Angela to name it after me. Okay, I wasn't joking...maybe just a little? 

              Divine, isn't? This one definitely takes the cake! It is almost literally the queen of all cakes. If this dessert took the form of a woman, she would walk about with such fine elegance and carry around a crown of fruit. This is not to bash the date bar in any way, although I believe that the title "Food For The Gods" should be entrusted to this multi-layer chocolate truffle cake. The white layer, known as almond dacqiouse, holds another blanket of fruit. Dacquiose, which is French for "of Dax", a town in southwestern France, is a cake with layers of almond and hazlenut meringue and whipped cream and is normally accompanied by fruit. One taste of this and you will find yourself whisked off from higher ground and into the heavens. I'm not kidding when I say this, but this cake was praised like a goddess by my family and I.

       The chocolate truffle layers beam with a mix of sweet and bitter tastes attributed to the dark chocolate that was used to lift the level of sophistication of this cake. Marrying the flavors of chocolate and fruit bring about a rich and luxurious treat. You have the tartness of the berries combined with the bittersweet taste of the truffle layers, all you need is a glass of wine and you'll find yourself dining in the splendiferous areas of France.

          Do check out Cinq's Facebook page to see what other exquisite cakes they offer. Contact Angela Villoria through any of the following numbers to order your very own piece of heaven: 0917-625-2611 / 890-6858. 

Thank you once again to CINQ and Cukay's for making my birthday extra special! Our tasetbuds and hips were very much pleased. 

Happy Holidays everyone! :) 

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  1. I want cukays red velvet!! Craving for one now :)

    1. Hi Berylle! Same here! It's just so yummy! *laughs*