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In Full Bloom: Joie de Vivre (outfit post)

       Everything is better said in French. Whether it be an expression of joy, amazement, dismay or yearning for food (just like Dexter who uttered nothing but "omelet du fromage" during majority of one episode), the language of love is truly more than just a bunch of complex words that sound like word salad when put together. What about using a phrase in French to name your clothing line? Belle Ortiz of Joie de Vivre had done just that! Joie de Vivre, which translates to "Joy of Life", is an online clothing store that sells youthful and vibrant clothes with a touch of classiness. Founded by two UP Diliman students, their aim is not just to make ladies feel beautiful, but to enhance what they feel is the most important characteristic of a woman - her confidence. Belle conveyed her reason behind the clothing line's name, "I felt that this phrase (joy of life) captured the essence of online shopping, which is to find clothes and accessories that are unique as well as reasonable in terms of price range without having to leave the comfort of your own home. It sort of stimulates the experience of buying in Greenhills or St. Francis Square."

             I had been looking for a bright floral dress months prior to this post, so when I received this beautiful floral dress in the mail, I was delighted to try it on and it fit like a glove! The colors are a  wonderful prelude to the upcoming summer season. 

The neckline, apart from the bright colors, is what gives it a youthful touch.

The cut-out at the back adds boldness to the dress without looking tacky. 

I've worn this dress 3 times already before publishing this post, for obvious reasons. It's easy to wear and I love how light it is!

        I've always been skeptical about online shopping, especially when it comes to clothes. Not being able to fit into the clothes you ordered despite the size chart on display can be frustrating. However, Belle has a more sanguine line of thinking with regards to this, "I find that it's part of the charm of shopping online, much like getting a surprise - you never can tell what you'll get. But you're fortunate if the owner of the store has a knack for estimating your size and is honest enough to tell you it won't fit. Haha." I think Belle just described herself, as she really does have a flair for picking the right size whenever customers place an order.

     The wonderful team behind Joie de Vivre are Belle Ortiz (who handles everything from mechandising to contacting clientele), Julia Pacificador (make-up artist) and Markyn Kho (photographer). All of Joie de Vivre's models are also from UP Diliman.

Check out Joie de Vivre's Facebook page and hit "like" to get updates on their latest collections! Follow them on instagram too: @ysabelreginaortiz. 

The Joie de Vivre team is very open-minded about doing collaborations (styling, make-up, photography), shoots and projects outside Joie de Vivre so feel free to send a message through their Facebook account or through this number:  0917-866-8040 :)  

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