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Le Petit Cheri: Modern French Cuisine Down South!

Le Petit Cheri has given people who live down South a chance to experience bits and pieces of what French cuisine. I'm pretty sure we've all dreamt of visiting Paris at least once in our lives, not just because people claim it's "the city of love" but because only Paris can create dishes wish such oomph. I also can't help but admire how the French manage to eat in such a, should I say "luxurious" fashion without gaining a ton of weight. Their secret, as some of you know, is "moderation". Anyway, enough of the rambling. Let's talk about the South's very own mini France in the form of a cozy eating place called Le Petit Cheri

Everyone wants to feel at home when they eat out making restaurant's cozy ambiance the least of your worries. They even set-up a small library on the second floor where families and friends can sit down and take time to eat an croissant or two with a nice warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate. 

Pastries on display for your picking. There's a variety of breads, cookies, danish pastries and cakes.

This giant-sized tub of Nutella goodness has been held in amusement by a thousand (okay, maybe a hundred) hands. 

I've always loved Chicken Cordon Bleu, so I wanted to see how Le Petit Cheri's version fared. Once I pressed my knife onto the chicken, cheese began oozing out of its dairy-filled center. I can never say no to a cheese and meat pairing, really. 

I enjoyed how soft the meat was plus its crunchy outer layer was made the dish more pleasant to eat! You would think that with all the flavor going on with the chicken, having it with rice pilaf would be too overwhelming. However, the rice was light and quite subtle in taste but still delicious.

Chicken Cordon Bleu (P285)

Le Petit Cheri
Molito, Alabang

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