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Chili's on a Friday

Fridays are something I always look forward to. After a long week of school, deadlines, ward work and 4-hour lectures in between breaks, there is that sigh of relief and the utterance of "Thank goodness it's Friday!" that never fails to leave my mouth. Ending the week with a smorgasbord of food is, to me, one of the most satisfying pleasures of life and that is exactly how my Friday night went. 

Before getting down to the core of our meals, we started off with some of their appetizers. Nachos, coupled with their Skillet Queso and salsa, was enough to get our taste buds running. After the first batch of nachos was close to reaching a hollow status, it was immediately refilled before we could even ask for more. You would think that an order of these never ending nachos would be enough to make you feel stuffed, but not this hungry tummy. I would usually go for a huge burger with fries but I had a sudden craving for some fried chicken, so I ordered their Chicken Crispers, which did its name justice. One bite into a chicken crisper and I could hear myself crunch loudly as I chewed.

Chili's, Alabang Town Center

Skillet Queso

My cousins Pao & Patch

Salsa Dip



Chicken Crispers

My meal of the evening complete with corn and homestyle fries!

Wings Over Buffalo

Grilled Baby Back Ribs

Grilled Salmon with Garlic & Herbs

Big Mouth Burger Bites

My cousins ordered the Big Mouth Burger Bites, which is said to be one of the restaurant's best dishes. What it is is a bacon cheeseburger...miniature style. Okay, maybe they're not that small. *laughs* They are, however, tinier versions of the burgers they serve in the restaurant. Topped with bacon, cheese, sauteed onions, green onions and ranch dressing and a pierced with a stick to keep everything in position. These burger bites would be perfect for people who have a hard time eating monstrous burgers and who like to keep the sauce from dripping down their hands when biting into a really juicy burger. Although, I would go for a supersized burger and eat it with my bare hands any day! 

Alabang Town Center
LGF, Corte de Las Palmas Expansion,
Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa City

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