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Petite Is In: The New Glorietta Vibe Race the Runway Fashion Show

         I am sure there is a part in all of us that dreams of walking down the runway. When I was 9, I thought I would grow to be as tall as my mum who stands tall at 5'7. However, science and my genetic makeup did not grant my wish to increase in height and I remain dainty and delicate, or as others would like to call it, petite. I have no qualms with my vertical measurement and feel every bit confident walking in either flats or a pair of 5-inch heels, nor do I mind people who tower over me when I cross paths with people who are a lot taller than I am. Ever since I stopped growing, I wasn't really banking on ever modeling on the runway..until my friend Rosy Adriano sent me a text asking if I'd be interested to model for Armani Exchange, as her friend Paola Lai, who is working for the said store, was on the lookout. I thought I was being punked, but at the end of Rosy's message, she included a "this is not a prank! HAHAHA!" as though we were communicating telepathically. 

        The stint was all for the love of The New Glorietta Vibe Race the Runway Fashion Show, which was a friendly competition with Turkey for having a Guiness World Record for having the most number of models on a runway with a record of 1,967. I thought, "That's easy. Getting 2,500 people to model will instantly render us victorius." But I was wrong, there was a catch. Several criterion had to be followed in order for each model to be counted as part of the line-up: every person who walked the runway had to walk to the beat of the music, carry the clothes wear and be energetic! I guess none of that mattered as much since everyone had a great time fulfilling their dreams of sashaying down the ramp and proof of that was that the Philippines beat the record with an astounding number of 2,255, close to the 2,500 they brought into the event! Congratulations to every one who was a part of this event - we all made fashion history! :) 

With my friend Karla Chan before we fought our way through the crowd to get to the registration booth. 

Registration bands for Runway 1! 

Now off to the fun part - getting hair and make-up done at the Armani Exchange store. 

Thank you, Mr. Fabulous Hairstylist for making my hair runway-worthy! 

The clothes were basically from the Winter Collection and I was thrilled I got to sport this get-up. 

Psyched that I was given this opportunity, this chance to prove that you don't need to be 6 feet tall to wear beautiful clothing. The most important accessories anyone should wear is confidence and a smile. 

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