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Devouring A Chocolate Volcano

You don't need to travel all the way to Bohol to get a glimpse of the Chocolate Hills. Chili's makes life a little easier and tastier by offering their Molten Chocolate Cake which to me looked like a mini volcano ( or should I say hill?) just ready to erupt!

On a related note, I was in the middle of typing my entry about my entire food experience at Chili's but I felt like this little devil deserved a post of its own.

Chili's Molten Chocolate Cake

After giving the top a quick tap, I realized that although it looked like chocolate syrup's dripping motion was caught "on pause" turned out to be a shell. And of course, an edible one at that.

Peek a boo! 

 In lieu of lava, chocolate fudge filled the hollow space of the cake, which was soft and topped with vanilla ice cream.

A flood of chocolate fudge oozing its way out of the cake. Divine! 

Three spoons and three satisfied stomachs! Definitely a lovely way to end a meal.

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