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Bon jour, Mademoiselle Manila!

I woke-up to a sunny Sunday morning so it was only proper for me to wear something bright and lightweight. I haven't been a fan of jeans lately due to the balmy weather, so I've been pairing most my tops with shorts.  Most of the time, I like to keep things simple. A look with too many things going on can be overwhelming. 

Salmon Pink collared top from Guess?

White Abercrombie & Fitch shorts, belt from Esprit

 My shorts were actually beyond the knee at first, but I had them altered to a shorter length.

The best way to wear a fuss-free outfit is to pair it with an accessory that stands out. Mademoiselle Manila makes accessories fit for any occasion - be it for a party with friends, casual get-together, or a lavish dinner affair. Each piece is distinct, unique and is meant to create a statement with any outfit you have on. Apart from necklaces, you may also pick from a collection of earrings that are just as classy. Best part is? Majority of her pieces are within the P 250 range. 

I didn't use to wear big statement pieces until my recent venture with Mademoiselle Manila and now I can't wait to match other necklaces from their collection with different ensembles! This colorful necklace lightens up any outfit and can be worn with a dress or a simple top. Check out their Facebook page and find which necklace catches your fancy: 

Mademoiselle Manila


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2 Responses to “Bon jour, Mademoiselle Manila! ”

  1. You're right, too much comes out very tacky or overwhelming. I like wearing shorts too, match it with simple tops and accessorize with either an earring or a necklace and voila! Ready to party!

    I love your necklace, perfect accessory for your outfit and you look great!

  2. beautiful lady, beautiful necklace...