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Meet your new Bake Buddy!


I think I've just found every baking enthusiast's (may it be people who like to bake or people who fantasize about concocting the perfect batch of chocolate chip cookies to come right out of their oven) new best friend and he/she (depending on whether you prefer a male or female companion to call your own) goes by the name Bake Buddy

As a 13 year old, I spent most of my time searching for recipes to try our during my free time or when I felt like I was in dire need to satisfy my hankering for a sweet treat. I saw hundreds of different recipes and wondered if there was a way to try all of these flavors without having to worry about throwing around every single minute used up to bake. I then chanced upon this site that sold cookie mixes in the U.S. They were layered ingredients of a cookie recipe and tucked nicely into a jar with the instructions tied to the lid. Women would give them as gifts to friends and I thought it was such a more subtle way of telling your friend, "I trust the contents of this jar more than your baking skills. Break in case of baking emergency." Kidding aside, the idea of having the ingredients pre-measured for your convenience was an innovation on its own. 

When I found out that such a thing existed here in the Philippines, I felt as though I could hear a multitude of beginner bakers let out a huge sigh of relief. Now, you can all rejoice and let Baking Buddy show you that you don't need to be a professional pastry chef to receive "ooohs" and "aaahhhs" from family and friends after they taste the cookies you make. 

I asked Aliya Ignacio, the lass behind Bake Buddy, about her decision to bring the idea of selling cookie mixes to fellow bakers here in the Philippines. 

Aliya Ignacio of Bake Buddy

1. Why did you decide to name your business "Bake Buddy"?

     I started with selling pre-measured ingredients for cookies (DIY cookie kits). I came up with the 
     name Bake Buddy because those mixes are supposed to be your baking buddies, helping you make 
     easy and yummy cookies. Plus I love having friends over while baking!

2. How long have you been in business?

     I've been in the food business since college, but I started Bake Buddy November last year.

3. Have you always been into baking? How did your business start?

    Not really. I've always loved sweets though, and feeding people! As a little girl, I learned how to 
    bake with those 4-step brownie mixes in the grocery. I once wanted to be a chef but decided to 
    pursue a management degree. I then decided to pursue my passion for food, equipped with 
    entrepreneurial knowledge and global exposure (from an exchange program), I started Bake Buddy 
    right after college and used it as an avenue to create unique recipes for cookies. I currently own and 
    handle 2 food businesses aside from Bake Buddy.

4. What are your best sellers on the menu? Currently, red velvet cookies (changes as I introduce more flavors). My next flavor is Oreo cheesecake.

5. Where do you get ideas for the flavors of your pastries? Books, internet, people, my hungry mind.

6. What's something your customers can look forward to in the future? More flavors, hopefully a cookie cafe!

7. Who are your target market? I want to target everyone, but right now I'm starting with kids and fellow dessert-lovers

8. What sets you apart from other home bakers? I'm self taught, I create my own recipes, and I listen to what customers and cookie monsters say!


When my cookies arrived in the mail, I felt like Alice in Wonderland after the "Eat Me" cookies beckoned her them. The little box of cookies comes in 5's and costs P160. I don't drink coffee. Not in the form of a frappuccino, a hot drink, coffee infused pastries or mocha flavored cookies and cakes. Perhaps it's because I like my pastries plain and simple. But after I tried the Coffee Caramel Walnut Crunch cookies, I might have misjudged this cookie flavor a little too soon. I could smell the coffee after each bite I made and had just the right amount of caramel. I thought the sweetness of this cookie would be milder compared to the other flavors but this is definitely something to get those sweet teeth fired up. I always like to have that added crunch when there are nuts in cookies and the walnuts were able to pull off just that! 

Coffee Caramel Walnut Crunch (P160)
"Frown-shaped" cookie
Traces of caramel and walnuts packed into the cookie

Cookie Smores cookie mix (P360)

I loved how each cookie mix container looked both simple and appealing. It had the word "homemade" written all over it. 

Each cookie mix comes with step-by-step instructions on how to make the cookies.

Since all the dry ingredients are included in the cookie mix, all you need to add is butter and vanilla extract, spoon a teaspoon of cookie dough onto the baking pan, pop them into the often and wait. Afterwhich, you can give yourself a gentle pat on the back because YOU, my friend, have proven that you are officially not baking-impaired. 
Taken from the Bake Buddy Facebook page

This shows a better view of each layer in the cookie mix.

There are other flavors available on the Bake Buddy cookie line-up! They have Red Velvet,  White Chocolate Macadamia, Colorful Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies, Chunky Peanut Butter Pistachio Cookies, Milo Cookies and Cranberry Hootycreeks.

You may order for delivery through the number provided below or pick your orders at Katipunan and Eastwood. 

You can also catch Bake Buddy at the Noel Bazaar in World Trade Center from November 16 to December 1.

Bake Buddy Menu (taken from the Bake Buddy Facebook page) Click for a bigger view!

Aliya Ignacio

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