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Corniche Lunch Buffet: Diamond Hotel Manila

Although this post is 3 months delayed, it's definitely worth writing about. Thanks to my aunt, my cousin and I were granted our own golden ticket to Diamond Hotel Manila's newest restaurant, Corniche, which is conveniently located at the hotel's lobby. Elegantly designed and decorated with what seemed like dove-shaped glass on the ceiling, Corniche serves a lovely food spread fit for breakfast (P988), lunch (P1420) and dinner (P1480) all at a great price.  I like going to buffets during mid-day the best mainly because I'm hungry enough from not eating breakfast and once I'm royally full, my stomach has time to rest throughout the day.

They say that one of the rules when eating in a buffet is to keep yourself from eating rice just so you'd have enough room to try everything else. I like breaking And I do this by eating as much rice as I want! I can go as far as having four buffet plates, two of which are filled with dessert since it's the one thing I look forward to the most whenever I'm given so much food to choose from.

I'm going to let the photos to most of the talking now.

Cheese spread


I couldn't help but do little jumps (no, I did not skip) in the restaurant once I saw that they had several shelves dedicated to candy. 

Walnut Tart

The chocolate fountain! 

Dragon (fruits) on the loose!

Chocolate cake

Pancakes & Waffles

Ube Puto

Pasta sauces

My cousin Sam enjoying her Ramen



Pasta Bar: You can create your own pasta and choose what kind of pasta you want as well as the sauce and toppings. 

Indoor sky.

Lechon Macau + Tempura + rice =  :D :D

Yeaup. Don't be surprised, this is my tempura share.

Butter Croissant

Chocolate Croissant

Spongebob must be looking for Mr. Crabs right

Parmesan-encrusted salmon

Roast Pork

Bread & Butter

The chocolate cake and cheesecake were my favorite in this sweet bunch.

The fact that the restaurant was spacious, bright and had a sky-high ceiling made eating so much more enjoyable. The buffet spread covered most of the cuisines - Filipino, Chinese, American, Italian, Japanese and Indian. Picky-eaters (such as myself) won't have a hard time choosing dishes they like and might even leave the restaurant more open to trying new dishes!

I'm pretty sure you can tell based on the photos that I enjoyed eating all the food I put on my plate. Corniche is definitely worth a second, third and fourth visit (of course, it's not limited to the number know what I mean! *laughs*)

Corniche Restaurant

The Diamond Hotel
Roxas Blvd. corner
Dr. J. Quintos St., Manila 1000

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4 Responses to “Corniche Lunch Buffet: Diamond Hotel Manila”

  1. Are those gummy bears??? ACK. My stomach is aching from food-feels! :))

  2. Yes! They had gummy bears and gummy worms, I think. :)

  3. looks yummy! I wanna try this soon!

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