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S&R: One Stop Grub Shop!

I recall visiting this membership shopping place back when I was in high school. At that time, it was still called PriceSmart. A couple of years after S&R landed in the Philippines, the name was changed to what it is known as today. I've always wondered though, what exactly does S&R stand for? After doing a bit of research, I discovered that the two-letter grocery name stands for Sol & Robert Price, a father and son duo who founded the shop. Neat! Anyhoo, enough chit-chat about the business side of things. Let's move on to what's really important!

People visit grocery stores mainly to stuff their kitchen cupboards and refrigerators with delicious food. In my case, I enjoy visiting this warehouse-like food haven for several reasons: one, their huge carts. Size really does matter. Pushing a ginormous cart around the grocery makes me feel like I'm actually allowed to pull anything and everything out of the shelves and throw them straight in. And I'm not embarrassed to admit that I like riding the cart around like a kid on training wheels. Moments like those make me feel lucky for having a small stature. *laughs* Two, bulk packaging makes me feel like I'm preparing for a zombie apocalypse. Three, wide spaces. This is where my "scooter spree" with the push carts come in. The isles are broad enough for me to speed like a mad woman! And four, S & R's very own burgers, pizza and pastries!

So after a having more than 6 exams in a span of 5 days this week, I decided to reward myself with some comfort food.

Vegetable Pizza


Their patty reminds me a lot of homemade burgers. It doesn't taste as processed as most burgers do in fast food joints. I don't eat vegetables. So what I usually do when I eat a burger in S & R is I take out the vegetables and spread a heaping amount of mayonnaise on the top bun.  Yeaup, I'd be the worst person to advocate healthy eating.

Chocolate Chip Muffin

Their muffins look like they were injected with steroids. So if you think you would still want to have this for dessert after a meal, make sure you have enough room. :) 

I usually enjoy my desserts with a tall glass of milk.

Embedded in the muffin are soft and sweet chocolate chips.

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