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Sweets For You by Lyza Syiaco

I love how the month of December is my favorite excuse to indulge in sweets. Then again, I don't really need a reason to luxuriate in anything that satisfies my sweet tooth. When I sense my mouth starting to water at the site of a dessert that catches my fancy, there's no stopping me. Eating comfort food should be both fun and guilt-free despite the number of calories you consume and Lyza Syiaco of Sweets For You does a good job at making me feeling like I can down as much of her sweets as I want minus the worry of everything landing straight to my thighs. Putting a smile (and a few crumbs) on her customers' faces is top priority for this 20 year old culinary student, "My goal is to make my customers smile and to give an impression that the sweets were made especially for them. So every now and then, when I bake, I always keep in mind that this dessert should be perfect and of course, delicious.

I got to sample her revel bars, assorted cupcakes (both of which are her best sellers), as well as her triple chocolate chip cookies.

Chocolate Revel Bars (P25/piece, P200/box of 8)
I've always fancied revel bars - it's a cross between a cookie and a bar and when you unify oatmeal and chocolate, it becomes a tiny block of awesome. I've tasted several revel bars before but I have to say, this is the best one I've tasted yet. Each piece is big in flavor AND in size, which appears twice as big as the ones sold commercially. 

Each serving doesn't skimp on chocolate filling and remains fudgy and gooey on the inside, which for me is important in picking the ultimate revel bar. You'll have to go easy on this one because settling for one piece won't be enough. These babies toss you off into oblivion and next thing you know, you catch yourself eating more than your stomach can handle. It's no surprise this is one of her best sellers! 

Lyza beams with immense passion and youthful enthusiasm caught the baking bug as young as 8 years old and would sell products to school mates, friends and family, "I remember when I was a kid, I always joined my mom whenever bakes. I was the one who would pour milk into her cupcake batter and put marshmallow for the toppings. I am a 100 percent sweet lover, imagine I was 156 pounds back then. I am very "magastos", that's why my parents taught me how to earn my money and how to depend not only on them but also on myself. So I asked my mom to bake a brownies and asked her if i could sell them. They were totally happy because they really felt that I was really standing on my own feet and willing to do anything just to get what I want."  I also love how she's just as delightful as the treats she sells!

Chocolate cupcake with hazlenut frosting (P55/piece)
One thing I noticed about the cupcakes Lyza makes is that the sugar content doesn't overpower and overwhelm my taste buds. Most desserts, when eaten in excess, gives off the "umay" feeling. This bunch of sweets, however, are an exception. The hazlenut frosting adds a perfect touch to the delicate chocolate base without crossing the chocolate-overload-o-meter.

Assorted cupcakes (P330/box of 6)
 Each box of assorted cupcakes contains 2 pieces of Cookie Dough, Chocolate Cupcake with Hazlenut Frosting and Red Velvet Cupcakes. 

Cookie Dough cupcake (P45/piece)
 Ahhh, cookie dough is one of the few uncooked foods I find irresistible. I usually get my dose of cookie dough in ice cream in chunk form but not all ice cream parlors carry that flavor. So when I found out that Sweets For You offered a Cookie Dough flavored cupcake, I was so eager to taste it! Just like the revel bars, the cupcake did not disappoint. There was a chunk of cookie dough tucked on the inside and topped with cookie dough frosting and chocolate chips. I enjoyed every bite of this moist cupcake. This is definitely going on my list of favorite treats. 

Red Velvet cupcake (P55/piece)
I don't think there exists a dessert business with cupcakes on the menu that doesn't offer the famed Red Velvet cupcake. You can tell from the photo that the cream cheese on top adds extra moisture to the cake base and the candy sprinkles add a playful touch to it. Light, delicious and lip-smacking are three words I would use to illustrate Sweets For You's take on the "dessert of the year".

Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies (P25/piece, P270/dozen)
A chocolate chip cookie with chocolate chips inside and topped off with white chocolate chips. 

Sweets For You also offers paper cake (cake made out of layers of crepe with chocolate ganache filling, and coated with white ganache, candy sprinkles topped off with cocoa dust), cake pops and Oreo cake (4 tier chocolate fudge cake with Oreo cream filling). In addition, Lyza caters to events such as debuts, weddings, baptisms and provides options for giveaways and souvenirs. 

Below are ways in which you may contact Lyza for orders. You can check out her Facebook page to find out more about what sweets you can purchase and get a glimpse of her other products!

Sweets For You
Instagram: sweetsforya

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  1. Whooah! Revel bars! I love 'em chewy and gooey! The cupcakes looks so yummy too. Perfect with my fave coffee in the mornings and with my glass of milk night time! And yes Kristina hija, I'd eat them without any feeling of guilt too! LOL! winks-winks!

    hmmmm... Paper cakes? I gotta try that too!