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Rainy Morning Breakfast

Classic French Toast

I think this is the most number of suspensions I've experienced with Well, the rules are completely different when you're studying as a post-graduate student. Back then I would always look forward to the cancellation of classes due to the heavy weather but now, the chances of me going to school on a Saturday to make up for lost school hours changes everything. Nevertheless, I am thankful for having a home that has not been washed away by flash floods and a bed I can comfortably plop myself on. Hopefully this entry will keep you warm on this cold and stormy day.

Normally, I would have a fruit shake for breakfast. But since my mum was extra happy to have me back home (even though we were together just a day ago), she decided that cooking some comfort food was a great way to "welcome" me back. *laughs*

This is how french toast gets its bath - by getting a generous sprinkling of confectioner's sugar.

This is my kuya posing enthusiastically with this super-sized chocolate bar! My aunt received this chocolate wonder as a gift from a friend of hers. I know it's not mine but I'm already "secretly" thinking of ways to eat it. Maybe I should start at the corners or just dig my teeth right in the center? Hmm.

My breakfast plate!

There are days wherein a I crave for pancakes and on other days, I crave for french toast. This morning was an exception. I just wanted something that was sweet, filling and required syrup.

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