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Blog Update: Fashion Meets Food

From Positively Present

The month of October can be quite dreadful for most students because of scheduled semestral and final exams. Despite that, I've always looked forward to the month October and it's not just because I was born on Halloween and I get to ask for candy from people without looking so desperate on my own birthday, but this month, it's going to be extra, extra, EXTRA special! Ask me why! *hears a faint "Why, oh why?" Well, that's because Wooden Spoons & Muffin Tops is going to bind ties with the fashion world! Yes, you read it right. I'm going to marry food and fashion.

When I announced my first blog giveaway last weekend in partnership with LoveTrends, I realized that featuring fashion lines and food businesses would be a great way to show ladies that you CAN bake your cake, eat it AND look even more amazing than you already do. I guess you could call it eating with style.

So what's in store for everyone this month and the months to come? Expect more blog giveaways (YAY! That means, clothes, accessories and all sorts of goodies are to be won!), outfit posts, fashion line features and of course, the reason why of all this started, more food features! I already have so many giveaways lined-up for all of you as well as food posts about what's been delighting my tastebuds!

And remember, the most stylish women are those who aren't afraid to eat


From Opi

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