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And say it with a smile. Of course, nothing makes me happier than a great dessert but Say Cheesecake! just works my facial muscles a lot more than usual to form the biggest smile my face can hold. Partners in business and in life, Dano Santos and Chi Ventura, add a totally different dimension to the world of cheesecake not only by offering a boatload of flavors and using only the highest quality premium imported cream cheese, but they also incorporate the flavors of local sweets into their cheesecakes! So think Chocnut, Banana Langka and even Calamansi as just some of the choices on their cheesecake line-up! 
Most of the popular cheesecake lines I've tried offer a limited number of choices and that's exactly what prompted Dano and Chi to revamp the cheesecake industry by throwing in so many diverse flavors that would satisfy everyone's tastebuds. "We chose cheesecakes because it’s our favorite dessert. You’ll understand that given the slim choices of really good cheesecakes out there available in the market and at affordable prices, you can’t help but make your own cheesecake at home. And that’s how we actually started. At the prodding of friends and family, we took our home baking and made a small venture out of it. We believe that if you are passionate about something and strive for excellence, success can’t be far behind." 

Say Cheesecake aims to prove that "our local sweet snacks are world class so their cheesecake versions will be delicious as well. We want to offer the cheesecake-loving Filipinos out there the best cheesecake at reasonable prices with that unique Filipino flair. That's why we try to interpret filipino sweet snacks into premium cheesecakes."

What a clever way to capture the local market and satiate the palettes of Filipinos who enjoy indulging in desserts. 

I was so thrilled to get a chance to taste their best sellers and signature cakes!

Cheesecake Sampler (Oreo, Strawberry, Espresso, Caramel Almond), P800
The Cheesecake Sampler is bound to catch anyone's attention with its exuberant color combination and flavor variants. This is perfect for parties, family and social get-togethers when you want to make sure everyone gets to enjoy the cheesecake of their choice. Since the sampler is made up of 4 different flavors, they bake 4 different cheesecakes, divide it equally and package it to make it look almost like an edible mural. You can imagine the mastery that was applied in creating such an alluring cheesecake.

Strawberry and Oreo
Espresso and Caramel Almond

Espresso Cheesecake

Espresso Cheesecake gives a whole new meaning to the coffee and cake tradition by merging two different entities into this amazing concoction. Coffee enthusiasts will be glad to know that no liquid flavors were used and only the best quality roasted espresso was used to give this cake its defining taste. Topped with whipped cream, chocolate shavings and chocolate chips, this variety is akin to drinking a tall glass of your favorite frappé and easily transforms non-coffee drinkers into aficionados. 

Up close and personal with the Oreo cookies!
Oreo Cheesecake

What kid doesn't enjoy Oreos? Well, I think everyone in my family (both young and old) felt like a kid when they dove their forks into this dessert as it brought out the child in all of us. It is topped with a generous amount of chunky (not crushed) Oreo pieces and more are folded into the cake layer so expect a burst of flavor without the overwhelming sweetness of the cookies. This one was included in our top 3 flavors. 

For those who are fond of desserts with nuts, such as myself, you'll enjoy the Caramel Almond Cheesecake. When you bind caramel and almonds, you can never go wrong. The smooth cheesecake layer blended well with the brittle-like topping and you're sure to hear a crunch after every bite!

Caramel Almond Cheesecake slice
I was surprised to know that the makers of Say Cheesecake never went through any formal training nor did they attend baking/cooking classes. In fact, they only started baking 8 months ago. They go through a lot of trial and error in order to create the perfect cheesecake and describe themselves as savagely persistent. Each and every cheesecake that they make is born out of fervor, love for the craft, hardwork and an innate passion.
Strawberry Cheesecake
The classic New York style cheesecake topped with fresh strawberries is the ultimate cheesecake for me. I know, I know. You must be thinking that with all the flavors I tried, this one still landed on my list of top cheesecake flavors. I guess you can call me old fashioned. I do enjoy savoring simple and effortlessly delicious selections. I loved how the cake layer melted in my mouth while I gently chewed on the strawberries. It's not too sweet, not too thick and I could definitely tell there was a party going on in my mouth.                         

This box beckons me so! 
I asked where the name Say Cheesecake sprung from and the reasons behind it are only fitting, "We chose the name “Say Cheesecake” for two reasons. First, we wanted to have a play on the idiom “say cheese” to imply that when people order our cheesecakes, you can’t help but smile. And second, we wanted our brand to have a sense of urgency and inspire action so that when you ask someone what they want for dessert, the answer is “say cheesecake.”

Calamansi Mousse Cheesecake, P700

Now, I've heard of Calamansi Pie and Key Lime Pie, although I never thought a Calamansi flavored Cheesecake would surface. This is actually one of my favorites! The calamansi mousse not only makes the cheesecake look dainty with its swirl pattern, but it also reminds me of the taste of a delicate lemon bar. It's not sour at all, although it does have a distinct tangy flavor, which adds a bit of a kick in every bite. This cake is light, has just the right amount of sweetness and is a no-frills selection.

Kamote Cheesecake, P700
The closest I've gotten to experiencing the flavor of kamote (sweet potato) was in its french fry form. This sweet potato flavored cheesecake is ideal for people who enjoy desserts that have a milder level of sweetness. Accompanied with a dark caramel topping, the kamote variant has a thicker and denser consistency compared to the other cheesecakes. My lolo and lola enjoyed this the most and found that it suited their palette the best as it had just the right quantity of richness.

As I mentioned earlier, the cheesecakes are made with only the best quality ingredients. They don't just make use of locally available brands nor do they use just about any imported brand since they are either too tangy or salty. Their cream cheese is totally organic and is manufactured from a small dairy coop abroad that still makes cream cheese by hand.

Homemade liquid leche flan drizzled generously on the Brazo de Mercedes Cheesecake
The Brazo de Mercedes is a classic Filipino dessert and it's no wonder the cheesecake version is a best seller on the menu. Usually this dessert would have 3 layers composed of the crust, custard filling and soft meringue. However, this decadent cake made extra room for the cheesecake layer, which is a lot heavier than the custard and meringue part of the cake, creating the perfect balance! It is definitely going to be an instant favorite in any household and I think it would be a smart idea to keep this cake to yourself, or better yet, order an extra one. 

Brazo de Mercedes Cheesecake, P700

Only a happy tummy can properly express how delicious this cheesecake is. I didn't think I would enjoy eating this at first but tasting a full slice, my line of thinking took a full 360!
Brazo de Mercedes

The homemade liquid leche flan enhances your Brazo de Mercedes Cheesecake experience. It's something Dano is very proud to call his own mainly because its name reflects exactly what it is! Although I think it should be called "Heavenly Homemade Liquid Leche Flan". *teehee* The topping comes with the cheesecake and is placed in a plastic container so you could drizzle it on top to your own liking.

Bringing sexy back

Another unique element of Say Cheesecake's products is its thickness. The owners intentionally use a lot of cream cheese in their cheesecakes to give that distinct tall and thick appearance. This is definitely one of the things that made my Say Cheesecake experience absolutely one-of-a-kind! I enjoyed trying all the cheesecakes because the height is double of what is usually sold in the market. 
The wonderful cheesecake spread
The Taste Testing Team
My cousins and I were so eager to dive into the cheesecakes! I'm pretty sure you can tell based on our facial expressions and my cousin Pao's (in red/blue striped shirt) pose. She looked like she was ready to stab the Cheesecake Sampler and eat everything without leaving a trace.

My niece Sofia. What a happy taste tester!

I've always been quite intimidated by cheesecake. Perhaps it is because cheesecakes look totally harmless, inviting and pleasant, but concealed in its layer of thick cream cheese is just a copius amount of calories waiting to dive right into your hips, thighs and for the men, their stomachs. Or maybe it's just because I was never brave enough to pay for something so decadent. However, you'll find out that calorie counting is pointless and so are the holes in your wallets. Simply put, indulging in anything by Say Cheesecake is worth it!

Other flavors available are Green Tea, Banoffee, White Chocolate Raspberry, Belgian Dark Chocolate, Ultimate Peanut Butter, Rainbow Bubblegum (yeaup, you read it right. RAINBOW BUBBLEGUM), Banana Langka as well as sugar-free cheesecakes for the health conscious such as Coco Almond and Coco Espresso cheesecakes.

You can either send an email or text message for orders using the contact information below. They also deliver within Metro Manila with a minimal fee. Bulk orders are also accepted.

They also supply Sweet Maria Café, Parvati in Trinoma Mall and Café Año in West Gate. So the next time you drop by any of these eating places, be sure to order a cheesecake or two.

Say Cheesecake!
Dano Santos & Chi Ventura
21 Tirad Pass St.
Ayala Heights Old Balara,
Quezon City
Facebook page
Mobile: 0916-302-7013/0917-518-3045
Landline: (02) 4331097 / (02) 4353038

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  1. my personal faves- brazo de mercedes & caramel almond. would like to try the banoffee flavor...

  2. Love the camote flavor and would like to try the green tea flavor. Hmmm green tea cheese cake with a cup (or should I say mug) of hot green tea:)

  3. I sooo love cheesecakes! This post made me crave for one.. Everything looks really drool worthy! :)

  4. I will never say no to a cheesecake. Any cheesecake at that! haha! But my all time favorite is Blueberry Cheesecake. I haven't tried green tea flavored cheesecake. Hmmmm.... should be interesting!