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Halloween Splendor

Yeaup, I was born on Halloween. Every year, it would always be a double celebration for me - I got free candy and had cake at the end of the day. It's the perfect day to O.D. on sugary sweets! In the 22 years that I've been celebrating two occasions, both Halloween and my birthday, I was never the one to hand out candy in our household...until this year. Let's just say taking responsibility for giving out treats  was my way of approaching Halloween as a 22 year old. I used to beg (okay, maybe not beg) for candies and now, I felt like the Candy Man's counterpart from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! I was supposed to dress up as a character from Adventure Time, but I figured I'd go as a glamorous witch. I hope I pulled that off. *laughs* 

I have very few pieces of clothing that are sequenced and shimmery. Although it was my first time to wear it, it has already become a personal favorite of mine. It's glitzy, classy and elegant.

The sequenced black dress was a Christmas gift from my Auntie Binky, which was bought at Ruins, a tiange in B.F. The thin band at the waist area is a great way to emphasize a girl's womanly figure and the long skirt elongates one's legs. 

The inner skirt was initially beyond my knees, but my mum used a pair of scissors to cut more than 2 inches off just before the trick or treating started.

I'm used to eating the candy on Halloween, but I couldn't be happier knowing that I wouldn't be the only one to have to schedule a trip to the dentist. I kid.  

My friendly neighbor Spider Man! 

I've never walked around the village on my birthday without a bag to stuff all my candies in. This year, I decided to just bask in the spirit of Halloween and take pleasure in looking at the different costumes. There were people dressed as zombies, cowboys, princesses, different Disney characters, prisoners, fairies, Fred of the Flinstones, V from V for Vendetta and of course my fellow witches.  

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