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A Southern belle's treasure: Adabelle's Bakery

We've all been witnesses to the cupcake craze and until now, people can't help but get their hands on these petite delights covered in frosting. Who can blame them? Cupcakes come in all sorts of flavors and they're pretty easy (and fun) to eat! I've tried a lot of cupcakes, some out of curiosity and some to satisfy my craving. But I haven't really found one that quite hit the spot - until my aunt started baking what heaven would taste like in the shape of a cupcake. Now you might be thinking that the reason behind my drive to make this post is my relation to the baker and owner. Yes and no. The main purpose of my blog after all is to write about the products I truly believe in and feel are worthy of letting food enthusiasts such as myself know what's out there for them to try. I won't mince words - these ARE the best cupcakes in Manila. There's no bias here, they just taste REALLY REALLY GOOD. I'm pretty sure you'd be saying the same thing once you try them out for yourself. :) 

Red Velvet Cupcakes (P60)
All the cupcakes are baked fresh since they're made to order. And I don't know about you, but there's something different about how homemade baked goods taste - they're richer in flavor, fresher and safer to eat. Before I even bit into my first Adabelle Cupcake, I couldn't help but stare at its frosting. I've never seen anything piped so pretty and dainty. These cupcakes appear to be fit for a queen and a princess. So, yes. They're aesthetically pleasing, but what about the taste?

One important factor most people consider when tasting food is the balance of flavors. The red velvet cake base is moist and fluffy, so don't expect it to crumble. The frosting is like the crown on this royal dessert - extremely creamy, velvety and sweet, which makes the perfect partner for the cake. All cupcakes are frosted with Adabelle's very own homemade cream cheese frosting.

Adabelle's Bakery also customizes cakes. The photo above is that of a Pineapple Carrot Walnut Clown Cake made especially for a birthday party. No fancy fondant here, just pure playful edible art. Looking at the menu, you'll notice that Adabelle's Bakery focuses on only a few flavors, that's because all of these have been perfected down to a t. 

Customized Carrot Walnut Sunflower Cupcakes

Carrot Walnut Cupcakes (P70)
Adabelle's Carrot Walnut Cupcakes are a healthier alternative to other cupcakes out there. It's packed with walnuts, a healthy serving of carrots and a pretty finish.

Ultramoist Chocolate Cake
I've tasted many chocolate cakes in the past few years - some homemade and some commercialized. I'm pretty selective when it comes to this dessert since I've always pictured my ideal chocolate cake as moist, fudgy, soft, pleasant to the palate and of course, it had to ooze with chocolate. I was fortunate to to find all of these in Adabelle's Ultramoist Chocolate Cake, which is the latest addition to the menu. Imagine 10 inches worth of super moist chocolate cake drowning in a pool of homemade chocolate fudge sauce. Absolutely delectable and a must try. 

Each creation by Adabelle's Bakery will be the best you've ever tasted, be it in the form of a cupcake or a chocolate cake. Pick-up points are in Alabang and B.F. Homes, Paranaque, please allow one day lead time for orders since all cakes and cupcakes are made to order. :)

Tiny reminder: Adabelle's Bakery will only be operating until June 24 so you only have a limited amount of time to try the best cupcakes! :)

Adabelle's Bakery
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