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Christmas Is Coming

          Stella Margherita Online is the latest online store I have partnered with for my ongoing giveaway and I was so thrilled when I received the dress I picked straight from their October collection on their Facebook page! I've been saving this dress for a special occasion as I haven't really been able to go out due to the hectic schedule of exams at school that went on for weeks before the Christmas break began. So when my good friend Zabeth told me that she'd having a birthday dinner at Guernica's Tapas Bar & Restaurant, I didn't think twice about what to wear! 

The Alexi dress from Stella Margherita both dainty and light. It's perfect for when you're in a rush to put an outfit together when your mind is just a big ball of clouds.

I paired the dress with an elegant neckpiece from Mademoiselle Manila

I adore the Peter Pan collar on this dress! :)

Bag from Michael Kors 

Pleats add flair to the red-orange dress. 

This is my first time reviewing make-up on my blog mostly because I don't wear heavy make-up. I prefer the natural look. Whenever I go out, I just apply lip balm. But when Stella Margherita sent me this NYX lipstick (yes, cosmetics are also on their list of products), I was unusually excited to try it out!  My lips chap easily so it's important that the lipstick I put on not only enriches my lips has a moisturizes it too and this item does both!

I have the Frapuccino shade and it suits me perfectly! There are, however, other shades that you might want to try out and see which one will fit you best. Perhaps you would like to go for a bolder look this holiday season? Check out Stella Margherita Online's cosmetic collection here

Want to win the dress I'm wearing in this outfit post? Join my ongoing giveaway here! Last day of entries is on December 17, 2012. :) 

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