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Queen of Hearts {Homemade} Apple Pie

       Why, hullo again. It's been a while! After months of not posting anything close to a food review or a feature, here's a blog entry about something I made (and love making & eating) - Homemade Apple Pie. I don't think there's a better way to lure people into trying what you've baked or cooked other than including the word "homemade" into something as divine as this pastry. I started making apple pie, this version in particular (and the only version I've tried and will ever try), back in my fourth year of high school. After undergoing several recipe changes and tweaking, I ended up with a flaky (and quite tasty) crust and filling composed of softened apples drowning in smooth, luscious liquid sugar. 

          Pardon the quality of the photos. I made use of my phone to take snapshots. Nevertheless, I hope it still looks appetizing enough! As for the quirky blog title, you'll soon find out why it is aptly named so.

I love how there's always a good amount of dough left after I finish off my pie with the top crust. I always like to make use of the extra dough, roll it out again and cut through it with cutters such as this heart shape. I suppose you can guess where I based my blog entry's title on? 

Apple pie, as they say, is best enjoyed a la mode and would make a very good dual-temperature dessert. But somehow, I feel like a scoop of vanilla ice cream would distract me from taking pleasure in the flavors of the cinnamon-coated tart apples folded into a blanket of crust. Whatever catches your fancy, really. Now, pardon me while I enjoy a slice of this Queen of Hearts Apple Pie. :)  

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One Response to “Queen of Hearts {Homemade} Apple Pie ”

  1. nice! love the heart cut outs :) It's great that you put generous amount of apples too :) Looks really good :)